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During a divorce everyone's financial needs are different. Your divorce settlement will determine your financial well-being for many years to come. It's critical that your financial decisions be soundly structured. We offer a comprehensive range of divorce financial services:

Divorce Financial Planning

The fact that two households will have to be supported on the same income level that previously supported one underscores the importance of sound and comprehensive divorce financial advice. Planning for the future is an essential part of every divorce settlement. Divorce Financial Planning follows a defined process to plan for the needs of you and your family into the future.

Cooperative Divorce

The "cooperative" model allows us, as a "neutral" financial advisor, to complete the data gathering process in an efficient manner and at substantially less cost than within the litigation model. In a litigated case, the financial data-gathering is typically managed through each party's attorney through an expensive and tedious process known as "discovery," during which attorneys often disagree about what the values of your property actually were. Our cooperative divorce process bypasses the adversarial nature of litigation to best meet the needs of both parties.

Divorce Financial Mediation

Divorce Financial Mediation is an efficient and confidential process for working on solutions in a private setting rather than going to court.

Flat Fee Programs

We typically charge an hourly fee for our services. Each case is different based on the property involved, the nature and amount of income and expenses, separate property interests, income tax considerations and other financial issues and concerns. It is difficult to predict the amount of professional time that your case may require in order to complete the adequate analysis and reports to meet meets your needs. If you are looking for a package of services for a fixed cost, consider one of our Flat Fee programs.

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