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Cooperative Divorce

Your divorce settlement will determine your financial well-being for many years to come.  It is critical that the financial decisions be soundly structured.

The fact that two households will have to be supported on the same income level that previously supported one underscores the importance of sound and comprehensive financial planning.

In a "cooperative", uncontested divorce, we begin with an assessment of each parties' concerns, goals and objectives. We then follow a comprehensive process to identify all of your financial data.

With a clear and comprehensive picture of a your family's finances in mind and with an understanding of what each parties' realistic needs are, we can make recommendations that are focused on maximizing the available assets to best meet the needs of each party, rather than trying to get the most for one party without regard for the other (as in litigation).

When serving as a neutral financial advisor, we could not have had a pre-existing relationship with either party nor provide any new or unrelated professional services to either party after the divorce process is complete. This assures that we have absolute objectivity and neutrality and that our focus is on your current financial needs. Beware of financial advisors whose primary focus is long-term financial planning, investment advice or insurance products. If they stand to gain substantially more after the divorce is complete, will their neutrality and objectivity be compromised?

One of the options available for those interested in a cooperative process is Collaborative Divorce, a non-adversarial process that is attracting interest in California and throughout the nation. Couples and their attorneys agree to resolve all legal and financial issues related to the pending divorce without going to court. As a result, it is an extremely supportive, considerate, sensible and constructive approach to divorce. A team of advisors that can include attorneys, financial specialists, and mental health professionals work with the couple to achieve fair and workable settlements that keep the best interests of the entire family in mind. We are trained as "Neutral Financial Specialists" to work with you in the Collaborative process.

Here is a story that sums up the cooperative and the brighter side of divorce.

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